2001 PAST QUESTIONS – Comprehension

2001 - Comprehension Passage 1

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow.

There stood an enormous tree in the centre of the town. Its big branches and dense foliage gave shelter in all weather and so it had become a natural meeting place. Benches round the base of its huge trunk so that the elders of the town might sit in comfort and gossip or talk about serious affairs of the town. This particular morning, three old men were resting on one of the benches. They had chosen the side which overlooks the road entering the town. From there they could see the market, the lorry park and the main street.

As they watched, a large bus drove into the lorry park. It was surrounded immediately by a jostling crowd. Those who wished to travel hurried forward and food sellers rushed from all sides struggling to sell their wares. In the general uproar which followed, new passengers tried to get into the bus, whilst those who had reached their destination tried to alight. Others who were not willing to risk losing their seats stood blocking the doorway or leaned out of the bus windows as they bargained with the food sellers.

1. According to the passage the elders sit under the tree to..........

A. travel outside
B. buy and sell
C. discuss matters
D. drink palm wine

2. Which of the following could the old men not see from where they sat?

A. the benches
B. the market
C. the lorry
D. the main street

3. Uproar in the passage means

A. fight
B. movement
C. selling
D. confusion

4. Some people in the bus tried to alight because they wanted to..........

A. buy things
B. gossip
C. rest
D. go home

5. Some of the passengers blocked the way because they..........

A. did not like the food sellers
B. did not want to lose their seats
C. wanted to stop the new passengers
D. wanted to see the old men

2001 - Comprehension Passage 2

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow.

As I stood by a street in Accra that late afternoon watching people rushing home from work, I felt very safe. My sense of security came from the fact that Ghanaians are generally kind and hospitable people, particularly to strangers. Although I had just arrived from my village, I was a Ghanaian and in my own capital I should not fear anything.

Just then, I felt a firm grip on my arm from behind. I did not feel threatened; rather I was relieved. I thought an old schoolmate must have spotted me, James Cudjoe, and decided to play our old game on me. How welcome! The good old days are here again.

I turned to look at the fellow in the face but the more I turned to my left the faster he moved to my right as he tightened his grip on my wrist watch. Suddenly he let go of my arm and bolted. I saw him varnish into the thick crowd. Certainly, this was not how to welcome a friend. People of the city are surely very strange!

Totally confused, I made my way towards the lorry park to leave for my brother's house. In the gathering darkness, I tried to find out what time it was. To my utter surprise, I discovered that my wrist watch was gone. The rascal had made away with it. It was hardly new, not even expensive, yet the rogue found it worth stealing.

6. The writer thought he was safe in Accra because..........

A. he saw people rushing home from work
B. he had just arrived from his village.
C. Ghanaians would welcome him.
D. Ghanaians are famous for their kindness.

7. Spotted in the passage means

A. looked at
B. recognized
C. marked
D. pointed at

8. The writer turned to his left because he wanted to..........

A. see the person behind
B. keep his wrist watch safe
C. welcome his old friend
D. play with his schoolmate.

9. According to the passage, the fellow grabbed Cudjoe’s arm because..........

A. he wanted to embrace
B. they were mates
C. he wanted to steal the watch
D. they stood together

10. Rogue in the passage refers to..........

A. a worker
B. the schoolmate
C. the thief
D. a citizen

11. Which of the following is not true according to the passage?

A. People in Accra are strange
B. People in Accra are classmate
C. There are thieves in Accra
D. Workers in Accra return home in the evening.


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